How to?

How to create account?

To create an account as a pharmacy / pharmacy woner just search in google search bar, you will get the website Digital Pharmacy (Digital/Online pharmacy management system) On the top navbar you will see a namu name Create New Account just click on the button a pharmacy registration form will be open infornt of you, please fillup the form and create an account.

How to buy package?

You are only 2 click distance to buy a package:
01. On the top navbar you will get a button name ‘Pricing’ Click on pricing, you will see ‘Installation and Pricing’ tables. Now select package in your convinant by clicking the orange button “Order Now” then you get payment getway, select your payment method. After submitting payment you have wait 24 to 72 hours for verify your account. If your all documents, informations and payment is alright then you get a verified message in your email/mobilemessage. Congratualation!! Your have brought a package.

How to renew package?

You should renew package at least befor 7 days befor your package expire. The system will lock/ stop your service in the aject due days and times. But if your unfortunately don’t renew your package your will be sent SMS /phone to the suppot centre. Now never late to renew again.